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Paragon Teaching School

Paragon Teaching School



Delivering Outstanding Lessons:  Claire Gadsby


Delivered by Claire Gadsby

Open to Teachers, NQTs/NQTs+1

SESSION 1:  What does it really mean to be outstanding?  From Rhetoric to Reality
A practical session exploring the individual components of outstanding lessons including the importance of 'agile' planning, and the characteristics of effective 21st Century learners.

SESSION 2:  The art of responsive teaching:  planning for engagement and contingency
Learn smart strategies to plan successful journeys for all and to close the gaps for underachieving pupils.

SESSION 3:  Engagement of all learners:  Pedagogies for progress
Discover a range of work with other delegates to take the new strategies from the day's training and to apply them to real lesson plans.

Sharing the newly designed lessons

DATE:  Thursday 8th October 2020
TIME:  9.30 am - 3.00 pm
COST:  £130.00
VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School.  PE7 8BZ

Mastery Across the Curriculum:  TT Education


Delivered by TT Education

This dynamic course inspires teachers to provide primary children with meaningful opportunities to move their learning to greater depth. It unpicks the complexities of “mastery” by providing a wide range of practical activities and strategies to encourage children to think for themselves.

Gain a clear idea of the pedagogy of thinking in greater depth and how this reflects on our classroom practice. With a focus on English and Maths and links to teaching and learning strategies for the wider curriculum, you will leave at the end of the day with a deeper  understanding of the term “mastery”, along with a renewed vigour for supporting children on their mastery journey.

  • To discover ways to secure learning at greater depth for pupils across the school 
  • To develop innovative teaching models to support the move towards mastery  
  • To provide a greater understanding of mastery across the curriculum

DATE:  Wednesday 18th November 2020
TIME:  9.30 am - 3.00 pm
COST:  £132.50 half price  Ts&Cs  (Half price to Peterborough Schools and Paragon TSA Executive Member schools.)
VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School.  PE7 8BZ