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Paragon Teaching School

Paragon Teaching School


Mastery Readiness: MATHS HUB 

Are you eager to develop your subject knowledge in maths and ensure teaching for mastery is embedded across the school?  

Here is a final opportunity to join the funded teaching for mastery programme 2020:

Over 60% of Cambridgeshire schools have now participated in the teaching for mastery programme and, across the whole country, more that 8000 schools have engaged.  An evaluation report of the impact of the work so far can be found here.

Here's some of the feedback from our Mastery Readiness programme this year.

What have you learnt?
"So much.  I learnt more about my role as a [maths] coordinator and what to look at in my school in order to make improvement."
"I learnt more about the mastery curriculum and how I can implement that into my school (what that looks like/what that means)."
"I learnt how to create effective medium term plans and how to use stem sentences within lessons and I gained many new ideas for teaching in the classroom both from other teacher on the course and the PD Lead,"

Mastery Readiness will start with one day of PD in July 2020 and then take place over the three terms of AY 2020/2021

Please contact us for more details: