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Paragon Teaching School

Paragon Teaching School

2018 - 2019

Claire Gadsby - NQT Demonstrating Pupil Progress

"So many amazing strategies."
"This course has been amazing - Thank You!"
"Lots of different strategies to use and try in class and share with others."
"Most helpful course I have been on with so many strategies to use."
"Incredibly informative."
"Many different strategies to implement in everyday teaching."
"Claire is fantastic.  The ideas are realistic and enjoyable - the children love them."


TT Education - Analyse School Performance

"Careful analysis across three years period as well as current year data."
"A higher degree of understanding of what to look for with data."
"More targeted support for year groups."


Peterborough LA - NQT Safeguarding

"Confidence to tackle Safeguarding issues."
"Dealing with awkward conversations."
"Very good session, very engaging and good that it was interactive with lots of discussion."
"Confidence in reporting and dealing with disclosures."


PLTA - NQT Assessment for Learning  

"Informative, great range of strategies."
"Better use of assessment in class and relevant ideas to use."
"Pupils taking more ownership over learning."
"Helped to develop my questioning and further develop children's understanding."
"Good questioning ideas for my guided reading session."
"The use in the class of the learning objective and including the children more in this process."



2017 - 2018

Fire Safety Seminar 

"Real life examples that are applicable to our work environment.  Reaffirms that Fire Safety is a daily concern not just a monthly or yearly tick box exercise."
"Great presenter and approachable with specific questions."


Recently Qualified Teacher (RQT) training

"Clear, enthusiastic, honest!  Felt we could share our own experiences and get advice."
" Habit 4:  Think Win:Win - stop being competitive and use others' talents"
" A deeper understanding of how to keep being effective in a classroom."
" Confidence to give children more ownership of their learning."
"Strategies to deal with difficult conversations."
"Put into practice and overcome obstacles."


TT Education - Creative Outdoor Learning

"We hope to develop more varied learning opportunities in the outdoor area possibly by working together more across the key stage. To collect resource boxes that can be used during outdoor play and train TAs on supporting children in the outdoor area. More free flow play during the day"
"More practical ideas- especially around organisation, timetabling and tidying of resources!"


TT Education - Outstanding Foundation Stage Practice 

"Stimulating ideas and questions have helped me to reflect on my practice and inspired me to fine tune aspects of our provision on our journey for excellence."
"Great course - makes you think - some really good ideas!"
"Looking at leadership skills/working in a shared vision, developing outdoor area/plan."
"An engaging speaker who knew the area well.  Lots of ideas to implement in September and get started with tomorrow!"


Claire Gadsby - Reclaim Your Weekends

"Strategies which will ultimately improve my marking and time management."
"Stress levels over assessment will be lower."
"Quick, engaging ideas, not needing to over plan or over resource."
"Colour coded marking."
"Children will be more involved in their own feedback and next steps."


Claire Gadsby - Irresistible Writing

"Great strategies to engage pupils to become aspiring writers."
"Thank you for delivering such a topical, practical, engaging day."
"I will implement all of the fantastic ideas presented to me on this course."
"Short, snappy, relevant lesson ideas."


Claire Gadsby - Powerful Pedagogies

"Adapt to my SEND class.  Lots of strategies can be changed.  Link memory walks to objects of reference."
"Practical and inspiring activities helped put the ideas into real life."
"I feel excited with teaching a class who seem disengaged.  It will help me to hear what they would like to learn and how they would like to learn."
" Someone who knows what works in the classroom."