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Paragon Teaching School

Paragon Teaching School

2019/2020 - Curriculum Meeting Agendas

All Curriculum Meetings are FREE!

All school staff welcome to attend

We are beginning to add Agenda details for next academic year.  If you would like something specific covered in any of the subject areas, please get in touch:

All Curriculum Meetings are from 4.00 pm until 5.30 pm.  

Please click on a subject below to see the agenda.

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY - 13.11.19 (Orton Wistow Primary) 


1.  New framework from Ofsted
2.  What does good subject leadership look like?
3.  Schemes of work
4.  Sharing Ideas and resources


EYFS - 13.11.19 (William Law CE Primary)


1.  Tea/Coffee/Network:
Welcome and tour of our indoor and outdoor provision
2.  What has gone really well so far?
3.  Baseline Assessments
4.  National and Local data update
5.  Ofsted Revised Framework and policies
6.  Next meeting – Ideas for next session
7.  AOB


KS1 MATHS INTERVENTION AND KS2 MATHS - 13.11.19 (Hampton Hargate Primary) 


This will be a KS1 and KS2 shared meeting: 

  • KS1 focus: addition and subtraction; structures and representations
  • KS2 focus: multiplication facts.


MUSIC - 13.11.19 - 13.11.19 (William Law CE Primary) 


1.  Welcome to the termly co-ordinators meeting for the new academic year 2019-20

2.  Housekeeping:

  • Apologies for Summer 2019 cancellation
  • Register - sign in with email to keep in touch
  • Housekeeping- Library books back and re-issued, email addresses please check and sign in
  • Evaluation at the end

3.  Warm up - Beat goes on (from Music Expo)  Focus on EYFS

4.  New curriculum 2019 - Update and discussion - is there one?

5.  Peterborough Music Hub – Kirsten Goldsthorp and Morag Richardson (share current local events and CPD/First Access provision, news about the Hubs work this term and future events).

6.  Music ideas:

  • The London Underground - An interesting rhythmic journey composition (could be altered and extended to your own setting or topic)​​​​​​​
  • Card games - A composition idea using playing cards (developing sound symbol relationship and composition)
  • Discussion - What has gone well last year?  What do we need to develop for the new academic year?  How can we help each other?
  • Networking    Evaluation


Thank you all for supporting the network meeting


READING INTERVENTION & SEND - 13.11.19 (Hampton Hargate Primary)


1.  What are the characteristics of dyslexia?
2.  What does a dyslexic learner experience in the classroom?
3.  Who is most at risk?
4.  What skills does a specialist dyslexic programme develop?
5.  What are the implications for classroom practice in:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Classroom Management

6.  Dyslexia Friendly Schools


Please keep checking back for updates.